The Attitude of Gratitude 7 Day Challenge

Are you tired of living each and every day with the same old blah mindset?

As a society we're taught to look for the things that are wrong in our lives because that’s what consumerism is all about. We are trained to complain and fixate on the negatives.

Think about the advertisements you see on a daily basis.

The messages you get are:

  • Don’t feel pretty enough? Slap on some makeup.

  • Don’t feel thin enough? Buy this diet pill/body wrap/cellulite cream.

  • Don’t feel happy enough? Go see your doctor and get on an antidepressant.

  • Don’t get enough well rested sleep? Buy our mattress/sleep-aid.

You get the point.

Notice the emphasis is on not having enough. They want you to focus on scarcity.

But what if we chose to do something the advertising agencies would freakin’ hate?

What if we actively chose to direct our attention towards something different?

What if we chose to focus on what we do have? Instead of what we wish we had?

This is th...

Imagine a scenario I'm sure you've either witnessed or participated in:

Little Jimmy looks up at his mom with tears streaming down his little dirt stained face, pain in his eyes, and blood trickling down his scraped knee. He'd been running on the concrete (AGAIN!) and tripped over his own two feet (of course after his mother had reminded him not to run at least one hundred times).

Little Jimmy’s mom (let’s just use one caregiver for the sake of simplicity) has multiple ways in which she could respond.  What little Jimmy needs right now is to be scooped up by his mom, given a kiss, and told that everything will be ok.

Instead what little Jimmy gets is a disapproving look, followed by the words,

"How many times have I told you not to run on the concrete? See? This is what happens when we run around and don't pay attention to our surroundings."

Little Jimmy’s mom feels her ego building up because she’s confirmed that once again she’s right. She’s proven to her son that it’s important to...

What is EMDR anyway?

Eye movement reprocessing and desensitization (EMDR) is a therapy technique created by Dr. Francine Shapiro that can help people heal significantly from trauma. EMDR therapy incorporates sets of bilateral stimulation (BLS) which involves the back and forth movement of the eyes, alternating auditory sounds or tapping. 

Many people mistake EMDR for hypnosis because of the back and forth eye movements. EMDR absolutely is not hypnosis. Although hypnosis can be incredibly helpful for some people, it's important to make the distinction between the two. During an EMDR session the person is very aware of what is happening and is completely in control of his or her actions. No suggestions are made that are meant to influence behavior. 

We do not understand entirely how EMDR works in the body. 

What we do know is that when someone experiences a traumatic event that all of the sights, sounds, emotions, body sensations, and different information from...

January 28, 2016


Last week we talked about learning to identify our emotions. If you missed Part 1, be sure to check it out. We started out with the absolute basics in order to build a solid foundation. We'll be building on prior skills in this series.


In this article I'll talk about acceptance of emotions. Sounds easy enough, right? Think again. It can be incredibly challenging, but can be done.


Here, I'll share a real life example to get you started. 

So one night I was sitting there blow drying my hair, minding my own business, and not thinking about anything really, when out of the blue a wave of sadness overtook me and my eyes welled up with tears.


Now, let's put the fact that I felt totally irrational aside, and focus on the idea that at that moment I had two options: 1) Choke back the tears and try to distract myself or 2) allow the tears to free fall (while multi-tasking and drying my hair of course).


Now, because I had been practicing acceptance of my emotio...

January 19, 2016

This article will be part of a series. I'm starting with the basics because well, I've got to start somewhere, right? Ok, let's go!


We've all been there. A whirlwind of emotions suddenly sweep you off your feet and before you know it, you're reacting in ways that you never imagined, or that you're not proud of.


Suddenly you’re standing there asking yourself, “What the heck just happened?” Your emotions have hi-jacked you again. Does this scenario sound familiar?


If what I said above resonates with you at all, it's likely that you could benefit from learning to identify your emotions.


Not all of us learned how to describe our internal emotions. Maybe some of us grew up in a home where it wasn't safe to show certain feelings. Or maybe there were other reasons why we never learned.


For me, anger was not an acceptable emotion in my home, or at least that's how I perceived it as a child. Sadness was tolerated, but usually dismissed or made light of in an attempt to change my mood back to...

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EMDR - A Powerful Technique to Heal Trauma

April 25, 2016

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