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Here's the truth. I'm not going to be a perfect fit for every client, and every client is not necessarily going to be a good fit for me. I do my best work when there is a solid connection. It's only fair to you that I provide my absolute best work. This is what the free 15-minute phone consultation is for.


By speaking with you on the phone, I can assess if I'm a good fit for you based on your current goals.  If we determine that we'd like to work together we'll schedule an intake appointment.


If we decide that we're not a good fit, I'll provide you with appropriate referrals. To schedule: Click the schedule button and select the new client option on my secure website. 

New Client Initial Assessment & Evaluation


This will be a 60-minute session divided into two parts. In the first 10-minutes I will discuss policies and procedures to reduce potential misunderstandings and to answer any questions. I don't know about you, but I like to know what the expectations are ahead of time.


The last 50-minutes of the session are dedicated to identifying your current struggles. We'll also determine what is already going well.


This session is mostly information gathering so I can start to get a bigger picture of what's going on.  We'll work together to establish goals for therapy. Additionally, we might discuss treatment options in this session or the next. 

45-Minute Session


This is a 45-minute session dedicated just for you. In these sessions we'll work on accomplishing your unique goals using a variety of techniques tailored specifically for you.

55-Minute Session


A longer customized therapy session where we'll go into depth even further. Sometimes therapy takes a little bit more time and having that extra 10 minutes proves to be quite helpful.

Past Life Regression Session (2 hrs.)


Past Life Regression (PLR) is an incredibly helpful guided visualization that addresses issues that have no business being a part of this life.

This may sound strange (believe me I get it), but it's possible that an event, contract, or vow took place or was made in a past life. As a result, past promises or traumatic events may now be the reason why you're struggling and can't understand why. Frequently, when some part of a past life is responsible, the struggle doesn't make much logical sense. Because of this, the current struggle can't be easily explained by something that has happened in this life. 

Some common issues addressed during a PLR are:

- Phobias (i.e. fear of driving, water, flying, snakes, spiders, speaking, leaving the house, etc.)

- Chronic pain (with no known medical reason)

- Aversions to certain people

- Fear of abandonment/loss

- Fear of death

- Chronic financial struggles (never having enough money or too much debt)

- Difficulty losing weight

- Difficulty letting go of toxic relationships

By participating in a PLR session, you dramatically increase your chances of identifying, understanding and healing from a past life event.


In this 2 hour session you'll:

- Identify the past life (or lives) related to your present life issue.

- Heal old wounds and/or traumas.

- Release old vows and contracts that no longer serve you.

- Release any previous bonds you may have to toxic people.

- Gain an understanding of how past events and promises are affecting your current situation.

- Be freed of the residual energy from your past life so you can move on in your present life. 

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