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The Attitude of Gratitude: 7 Day Challenge

The Attitude of Gratitude 7 Day Challenge

Are you tired of living each and every day with the same old blah mindset?

As a society we're taught to look for the things that are wrong in our lives because that’s what consumerism is all about. We are trained to complain and fixate on the negatives.

Think about the advertisements you see on a daily basis.

The messages you get are:

  • Don’t feel pretty enough? Slap on some makeup.

  • Don’t feel thin enough? Buy this diet pill/body wrap/cellulite cream.

  • Don’t feel happy enough? Go see your doctor and get on an antidepressant.

  • Don’t get enough well rested sleep? Buy our mattress/sleep-aid.

You get the point.

Notice the emphasis is on not having enough. They want you to focus on scarcity.

But what if we chose to do something the advertising agencies would freakin’ hate?

What if we actively chose to direct our attention towards something different?

What if we chose to focus on what we do have? Instead of what we wish we had?

This is the practice of gratitude my friend. Anyone who works for an ad agency reading this is probably about to have their head explode. Sorry not sorry ;)

My question to you is, what have you been choosing to focus on?

Why is being grateful so important?

Here's the thing, we're all beings of energy. Look at that piece of furniture in front of you or choose another object. That object is made up of millions of atoms that that are in motion and buzzing around at a certain frequency.

We are a lot like that object you just looked at. As human beings we vibrate at certain frequencies as well. And if we are harboring negative energy within our bodies, that is what we tend to attract more of.

You might be thinking, um, what? You mean to tell me that I’m actually attracting the very thing I don’t want into my life? Well, pretty much yes.

Let’s talk about the law of attraction for a second. The theory is that "like attracts like" (i.e. positive thought patterns attract more positivity into your life).

Think about it, do you know someone who is constantly complaining? How do you feel after hanging around that person? Drained I bet. It’s like that person sucks the life out of you and before you know it you’re in a pretty foul mood yourself.

Now think about a person who you feel energized by. That you LOVE to be around? That person that you just can’t get enough of? It’s a very different feeling right? Don't YOU want to be that type of person?

So my question to you again is what are you attracting into your life?

Is it things that make you feel good? Is it friends that take care of you? It is good fortune and abundance?

How in the world does this law of attraction theory I’m talking about relate to gratitude?

Keep with me now. Practicing gratitude helps increase your positive vibrational frequency. And when we are in a higher vibrational state, we attract things of the same vibration into our life.

This is why some people think that they're just unlucky and why other people seem like they were born with a four leafed clover up their butt. It really has nothing to do with luck. It has more to do with the vibrational frequency a person is emitting.

What vibes are you putting out? Are you attracting what you want in this life?

So here’s the 7 day challenge:

Practice being grateful for seven consistent days.

Each night or throughout the day, I want you to write down three things that you’re grateful for. If you're particularly forgetful like me, set a reminder on your phone.

They have to be different things each of the seven days. No saying, “I’m grateful for my house, food, and that I have a job” every single day for seven days, ok?

Really challenge yourself to look for different things. And notice how you're thinking begins to shift.

Notice how you have way more positive things in your life than you ever imagined.

At the end of the seven days, if you’re feeling extra ambitious challenge yourself for another seven days. I practice gratitude daily and it has changed the way my brain processes the world.

After seven days, feel free to share any changes that you've noticed in the comments below. I'd really love to hear from you!

If you're interested in more ways to combat negativity sign up for my free report with five tips I use to feel happy every single day!

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